My tattoo

4 December, 2010

Finally, i have one, my own one.

In loving memory



6 April, 2010


6 April, 2010

For cupcake lovers!

Be Warned!

29 March, 2010

Julia, this is it! Now you know what it looks like..

So, was it worth doing it?

If it was up to me, I would remove it.

Isobel Varley

25 March, 2010

The most tattoed woman in the world.

Isobel Varley

Isobel Varley, 72 years old.

She did her fist tattoo when she was 49 years old.

Isobel Valery has 49 piercings and almost her whole body is coverd with tattoos. Her favorite tattoo is her tiger family on her stomach.


25 March, 2010

Express your love to music with a cool tattoo…

But don’t over-do it..